Porcelain Princess!

Today I became a Porcelain Princess! lol 

To promote the up coming Nitro Circus Live tours starting next weekend here in Australia. I set out to this morning to attempt to break a Guinness World Record on a Motorized Toilet. As it stood, the record was set by a man in Milan last year for 68km/h, I was able to beat the record with my land speed reaching 75km/h. The speed was to be reached between a 100 meter distance and had to be completed twice, going both directions thought the 100 meters distance. It was pretty gnarly and I had a few close calls with the kart getting a little sketchy at high speeds on the rough, angled, cobble stones out front of the Sydney stadium. It's the same stadium we will be performing at on May 18th and 19th, Allphones Arena. 
Early on we did have a mechanical problem which we thought might put an end to the attempt before it even started as there was no mechanic on site... There was a problem with the chain the first time I took off on it, but after some time for repairs and in true Nitro fashion, the issue was worked out as best as possible and I was able to continue. So I jumped on the can and started getting a feel for the contraption I had only laid eyes on for the first time when I got out of the car this morning! lol 
It was super fun and it's always cool to work towards a Guinness World Record and what more could a girl ask for then a world record on a toilet! lol We were debuting the toilet contraption as it will be a new piece used on tour, but you have to come checkout the show to see what is in store for this motorized toilet  :)
For tickets to one of our up coming shows go to http://nitrocircuslive.com
~ Jolene
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Toilet Action Shot, Photo Credit: Paul Thompson